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Google Google Help Google Cheat Sheet
WiseNut No help for WiseNut WiseNut Cheat Sheet
AllTheWeb AllTheWeb Help AllTheWeb Cheat Sheet
Alta Vista Alta Vista Help Alta Vista Cheat Sheet
HotBot HotBot Help Hot Bot Cheat Sheet
MSN MSN Help* MSN Cheat Sheet
Teoma Teoma Help Teoma Cheat Sheet
Lycos Lycos Help Lycos Cheat Sheet
Help Screens Provided
 by Directories
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LookSmart No help for LookSmart LookSmart Cheat Sheet
The Open Directory Open Directory Help Open Directory Cheat Sheet
Yahoo! Yahoo! Help Yahoo! Cheat Sheet
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*MSN uses javascript to pull up thier help page. To get to the help page go here, then click on the help button next to the preferences button.