Agricultural Communications Documentation Center

Contributors to the ACDC

The ACDC collection contains selected documents from archives of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), including more than 700 NAFB documents that have been indexed as part of the overall documentation project. In addition, the collection includes selected documents from the archives of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) and the International Program for Agricultural Knowledge Systems (INTERPAKS). It also contains personal collections and contributions from generous individuals including the following people:

Kathy Alison George H. Axinn Ovid Bay John H. Behrens Harvey F. Beutner Kristina M. Boone
Claron Burnett Francis C. Byrnes Warwick Easdown Harold D. Guither Delmar Hatesohl Theodore Hutchcroft
Richard Lee Mason E. Miller Hadley Read Bonnie Riechert Stephen G-M. Shenton Burton Swanson
Harold B. Swanson Phillip J. Tichenor William B. Ward Larry R. Whiting and others...  

Kathy Alison

Kathy Alison

Kathy Alison is a senior management consultant, trainer and facilitator with over 22 years of professional experience.
She has extensive international experience on issues including:

  • collaborative problem solving and consensus building
  • policy formulation
  • public participation processes
  • knowledge management
  • strategic planning
  • training design and delivery
  • training needs assessments
  • workplan development
The Alison Collection includes these documents written and donated by Kathleen I. Alison.

Ovid Bay

Ovid Bay

Ovid U. Bay is a nationally respected agricultural journalist with 40 years of service in private and public sectors. His career included 4 years (1948-1952) as agricultural editor at the University of Missouri, 18 years (1953-1970) as associate editor of Farm Journal magazine and 18 years (1971-1988) as director of communications for the Extension Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture. His contributions added to several dimensions of the ACDC collection, especially involving introduction of new electronic information technologies during the 1980s.

The Ovid Bay Collection includes documents written by Ovid Bay, along with others he contributed.

John H. Behrens

John H. Behrens

John H. Behrens, professor emeritus of agricultural communications at the University of Illinois, has contributed to the effectiveness of agricultural communications and education throughout the U.S. and globally. Users of the ACDC collection benefit from his contributions when they search for information about subjects such as the following:

  • audiovisuals
  • effective methods for agricultural teaching and communicating
  • exhibits
The Behrens Collection includes documents written by John H. Behrens.

Francis C. Byrnes

Francis C. Byrnes

Francis C. Byrnes, communication scientist and agricultural training, communication, and management consultant, died of liver cancer at his home in Reston, Virginia on July 5, 1999. Although his roots were on an Iowa farm, his professional career over 60+ years took him to nearly as many countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, where he applied communication as a behavioral science to agricultural research, extension, education, and development programs implemented by various development assistance organizations.

The Byrnes Memorial Collection at the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center has nearly 800 documents about planning, producing, and managing communication and training programs in agricultural research, extension, education, and development. You are likely to benefit from this collection whenever you search the ACDC collection using subject terms such as:

  • agricultural communication
  • development communication
  • rural development
  • consultants
  • training programs
  • communicators
  • extension communication
  • intercultural communication
  • management communication
  • research organizations
The Byrnes Collection includes documents written by Francis C. Byrnes. It also includes documents collected by Francis C. Byrnes and donated to the Center by his family.

Harold D. Guither

Harold D. Guither

Harold D. Guither, professor emeritus of agricultural economics at the University of Illinois, is an agricultural economist, public policy educator and author. He grew up on a farm near Walnut, Illinois.

Professor Guither retired from the University in December 1995 and has continued to write on agricultural issues and historical events.
He has written seven books, plus many journal and popular articles, and received numerous awards for his work in public policy education and service to his profession. Among his significant publications:

  • Mission Overseas (with W. N. Thompson), University of Illinois Press, 1969
  • The Food Lobbyists, Lexington Books, 1980
  • Animal Rights: History and Scope of a Radical Social Movement, Southern Illinois University Press, 1998
  • Professional Services for Agriculture: 75 Years of Farm Management, Rural Appraising and Consulting, The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, 2004.

Users of the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center benefit from his contributions in subject areas such as the following:
  • animal rights and agricultural writing
  • attitudes toward agricultural and food policy issues
  • interest groups
  • lobbying
  • social movements
The Guither Collection includes these documents written by Harold D. Guither.

Mason E. Miller

Mason E. Miller

Mason E. Miller is widely known and respected for contributing to the creation, analysis and use of research about the communications aspects of agriculture. Born on his grandfather's farm near Ord, Nebraska, he grew up on a four-acre tract at Fort Collins, Colorado. He received a B.A. degree in newspaper journalism from the University of Colorado (1948), an M.S. in magazine journalism from Northwestern University (1949) and a PhD in communication from Michigan State University (1964). During five years of service in World War II, he served with the 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division in invasions of Sicily, Salerno, Anzio, France and Germany.

The Mason E. Miller Collection includes documents written and donated by Mason E. Miller.

Hadley Read

Hadley Read

Hadley Read contributed inspiration for what has become the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center. A longtime professor and head of the Office of Agricultural Communications at the University of Illinois, he died in 1981, shortly before the Center was conceived. However, his spirit of love for learning, professional growth and communications excellence helped inspire his associates to begin - systematically - to identify, collect and share the widely scattered body of literature about agriculture-related communications.

The Read Collection includes documents written by Hadley Read.

Steve Shenton

Stephen G-M. Shenton

Steve Shenton, emeritus professor of Communications and Journalism at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, has contributed to the agricultural communications program at the University of Illinois since 1968. During his doctoral studies in communications, he served as an outstanding graduate teaching assistant and for two years as an instructor in agricultural communications. Undergraduate studies in agriculture (State University of New York at Alfred), plus agricultural communications and masters in journalism (University of Georgia) provided an excellent background.

Dr. Shenton served on the communications/journalism faculty, and as chair, at Shippensburg University for more than 26 years prior to his retirement. He was instructor of public relations at the University of Georgia in 1967-68. From 1999-2005 he led the Pennsylvania School Press Association's defense of his state's freedom of expression regulations affecting public education. Click here for information on the Pennsylvania Code.

He has supported the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center by providing counsel, expertise and a sharp eye for relevant literature. You probably are seeing evidence of his contributions when you find documents in the ACDC collection related to agricultural and rural aspects of:

  • Freedom of expression and freedom of the press
  • Civic journalism
  • Public journalism
  • Community journalism

He continues as what might be called a 3V Associate (Valued Virtual Volunteer) in the Center.

Harold B. Swanson

Harold B. Swanson

Harold B. Swanson, professor of agricultural journalism at the University of Minnesota and member of the staff for more than 45 years, retired December 31, 1984. In recognition of his long support to Agricultural Communicators in Education (ACE), Dr. Swanson donated his personal collection of more than 1,200 documents to the Agricultural Communications Documentation Center in 1985. His was the first large collection contributed to the Center.

The Harold B. Swanson Collection includes these documents written and donated by Harold B. Swanson.

Phillip J. Tichenor

Phillip J. Tichenor is professor emeritus of journalism and mass communication at the University of Minnesota. His career included 7 years in professional agricultural college communications and 30 in academic journalism. His teaching and research specialties were mass communication research methods, public opinion and community media systems.

With Professors George Donohue and Clarice Olien, Professor Tichenor was involved in a 35-year study of community structure and the dissemination of knowledge to general and specialized audiences.

The Tichenor Collection includes these documents written by Phillip J. Tichenor.

Larry R Whiting

Larry R. Whiting

Larry Whiting is professor of agricultural communication at The Ohio State University, Columbus. He teaches about legal and ethical issues in agricultural communication and leads a senior seminar in agricultural communication.

Professor Whiting completed his bachelor's degree in agricultural journalism (1962), master's degree in journalism and mass communication (1976) and doctorate in education (1981) at Iowa State University, Ames.

The Whiting Collection includes documents written and donated by Larry R. Whiting.

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